¡Cartografía en estado puro! Análisis COVID19 (Tasa de Incidencia acumulada 14d) por Zonas Básicas de Salud en la Comunidad de Madrid, España

asa de Incidencia Acumulada para cada una de las 287 Zonas Básicas de Salud de Madrid, definiendo rangos y colores correctos de visualización y luego un poco de Photoshop aquí y allá y voilá!

Visualizing Tweets!

How about a quick visualization of tweets in CartoDB? Hey guys, the way we used to visualize is changing on a  daily basis so it’s time to catch up!!!. Let’s add a timestamp and play!! We will take a look at this dataset in depth shortly so be aware of our schedule! Regards, Alberto CONCEJALContinue reading “Visualizing Tweets!”

Creating value through Open Data

The benefits of Open Data are diverse and range from improved efficiency of public administrations, economic growth in the private sector to wider social welfare (Source: http://www.europeandataportal.eu/) Performance can be enhanced by Open Data and contribute to improving the efficiency of public services. Greater efficiency in processes and delivery of public services can be achieved thanks toContinue reading “Creating value through Open Data”

Tipologías usuarios Madrid Río. Estadísticas y tendencias interesantes

Para la multitud de personas a las que como a mí, les ha sorprendido esta infrastructura en frente de sus casas hay posibilidad de encontrarse en el mismo metro cuadrado a alguien corriendo, alguien andando, una pareja con un carrito de niños, unos amigos en patines, alguna persona en bici… unos más rápido y unos más lento, todos hemos de convivir en un trazado de unos 7,5km de largo y no más unos metros de ancho, con lo que unas mínimas normas de circulación se imponen.

Pearson correlation and GIS

Do these two variables have a correlation?. To answer this important question first of all we have to know that only if it’s a linear relationship and there are no outliers we can take advantage of Mr Pearson’s correlation statiscal tool. If i love chocolate, does this mean i have tendency of being chuby? orContinue reading “Pearson correlation and GIS”

Cool data. What is this?

What is this ‘cool data‘ all about?. When i got my degree in Geography (about 15 years ago) it didn’t make sense at all being interested in something like graphic design, photography, video and all this stuff… but not only interested in my leisure time but also for taking advantage of it, getting a lifeContinue reading “Cool data. What is this?”

Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique

C’est vraiment magnifique l’ouverture des données publiques… Je vais décrire mon itinéraire pour mieux comprendre: Télécharger des données (Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique) Telecharger DTM (SRTM v4) Faire Carte d’ombrage (ArcGIS), Orientations (ArcGIS) et Inclinations (ArcGIS) pour mieux comprendre l’emplacement des moulins Faire Carte de densité (en mesurent la puissance du parc) Et maintenant la carte de densité en Global Mapper…Continue reading “Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique”

Solar + Shadows analysis on Rue Massillon, Nantes (France)

This is the beautiful building in from of my house in Nantes… Let’s model it first using Sketchup. Also i have used a non standard style only for visualization purposes… If we have the North behind us this means we are going to have a lot of light… but so far we are just guessing… Now weContinue reading “Solar + Shadows analysis on Rue Massillon, Nantes (France)”

ViewTec’s State-of-the-art 3D visualization

Good news!!!! They’ve probably released this Geovisualization Engine long time ago (It used to be an ‘in-house’ software) but I have just realized. I worked with this state-of-the-art TerrainView 3D software for six months while I was working as a GIS Specialist in Cape Town (South Africa)… What does this software has that no oneContinue reading “ViewTec’s State-of-the-art 3D visualization”

Visualizing LAS LIDAR data with sketch-up

While trying to figure out the way to get a 3D model from raw Lidar data, I first opened my LAS file in Global Mapper, exported it to DXF, imported then into Sketch-up and after recording a few scenes, I saved the animation… this is it!. Alberto