Measuring moisture: Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI) Sentinel-2 2022

I am here in front of my desktop and I wonder how to take advantage of Sentinel Hub for tracking up moisture in a random plot anywhere in the world. Has it been irrigated at the right time for the type of crop? How has rainfall been affected over the analysis time? How has the use of certain fertilisers affected it? Has it positively affected production?. Let’s take a closer look.

Wildfires in the sub-Saharan region

This image, acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-2 on 8 February 2022, shows ongoing wildfires in the Boma National Park in South Sudan. Fires are common at this time of year in the sub-Saharan region.

Imágenes satélite Landsat 8 L1 y Sentinel 2 L2A del volcán de La Palma en erupción (+Sentinel-5 SO2+Ventusky)

Como vemos en el ejemplo del volcán de La Palma, después de la reciente erupción del 19 de Septiembre, las bandas del infrarrojo de onda corta (SWIR) identifican variaciones de temperatura en superficie, por lo que las composiciones RGB a falso color, combinando bandas SWIR y bandas en el visible, son perfectas para identificar el curso de la colada de lava a lo largo del tiempo.

‘Reality Checks’, also called ‘Ground Truth Tests’

Comparing all kind of Geodata (i.e 3D Buildings, DTM, DHM, DSM, Land Use, vectors,…) to background sources as Google Earth/ Bing, available sources from the country we are working on or WMS available sources, etc. Figuring out if the data requested and we want to deliver is consistent enough compared to the so called “Truth”. SomeContinue reading “‘Reality Checks’, also called ‘Ground Truth Tests’”

Team building when ‘in remote’

Almost three years now working in remote and every time more i realize how important team building is when you’re not working alongside the rest of the team, not joining annual meetings and when the number of visits to the HQ is reduced to the minimum expression… First of all i wonder what can i do onContinue reading “Team building when ‘in remote’”