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‘Reality Checks’, also called ‘Ground Truth Tests’


Comparing all kind of Geodata (i.e 3D Buildings, DTM, DHM, DSM, Land Use, vectors,…) to background sources as Google Earth/ Bing, available sources from the country we are working on or WMS available sources, etc.


Figuring out if the data requested and we want to deliver is consistent enough compared to the so called “Truth”. Some of these checks are visual/manual, some others are more automated/analytic, Preparing ad-hoc reports using Photoshop macros to explain/flag/highlight etc. also videos, PPTs, specific ‘White Papers’ and any other way of facilitating the comprehension of the potential issues.

Team building when ‘in remote’


Almost three years now working in remote and every time more i realize how important team building is when you’re not working alongside the rest of the team, not joining annual meetings and when the number of visits to the HQ is reduced to the minimum expression…

First of all i wonder what can i do on my own and what can i suggest my boss to do now that working in remote starts being quite important for my employer, not just for myself but for several other members of the staff.

How do I build personal connections with team members you rarely or never see?  How do you keep from feeling isolated and build your professional brand with others when you don’t interact in person on a regular basis?  How can you strengthen the bonds of your team without getting uncomfortable?


Any ideas are WELCOME!!!!!