Measuring moisture: Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI) Sentinel-2 2022

I am here in front of my desktop and I wonder how to take advantage of Sentinel Hub for tracking up moisture in a random plot anywhere in the world. Has it been irrigated at the right time for the type of crop? How has rainfall been affected over the analysis time? How has the use of certain fertilisers affected it? Has it positively affected production?. Let’s take a closer look.

Ship Monitoring from space: SUEZ

Below you can see the example timelapse of Suez Canal ship traffic, made with a Sentinel-1 custom composite visualization. You can observe the moving ships as time passes.
Sentinel-1 is a pair of European radar imaging (SAR) satellites launched in 2014 and 2016. Its 6 days revisit cycle and ability to observe through clouds makes it perfect for sea and land monitoring, emergency response due to environmental disasters, and economic applications. This dataset represents the global Sentinel-1 GRD archive, from beginning to the present, converted to cloud-optimized GeoTIFF format.

Recuperación natural de un bosque de Pino Piñonero. Incendio en Pedro Bernado (Ávila)

En este micro vídeo he querido mostrar el proceso de recuperación natural de un bosque de Pino Piñonero (Pinus Pinea) a lo largo de tres años en Pedro Bernardo (Ávila, España). Fecha del incendio Junio 2019. Estimación previa a cuantificación: 40%. Imagenes Sentinel 2 – L2A. Usé una combinación 12-11-4. SWIR-2 (12), SWIR 1 (11), Red (4) entre las fechas de Junio 2019 y Junio 2022 a razón de una imagen al mes, seleccionando solo si ausencia total de nubes y cobertura total sobre la zona de análisis.

Sentinel-hub: Highlighting value differences in deserts! (not only!)

This Sentinel-2 aesthetic script can be used to produce beautiful, neon looking results over urban and dry areas. The script is especially useful to highlight value differences in deserts. It’s essentially an RGB composite, with a B12 and B04 difference (which does a good job at displaying certain desert features, like dunes) in the red,Continue reading “Sentinel-hub: Highlighting value differences in deserts! (not only!)”