Running in Madrid. A GIS approach!

these density maps performed in Global Mapper overlay the geometry lines saved out my running application (Garmin Connect). and once they are exported to points, i can generate a density map, chosing an easy to understand legend and i overlay to Google Earth so its also easy to be sent if needed be (why for? i don’t know!).

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BGS Geology of Britain: Geovisualization 100%

Oh! a must see: BGS Geology of Britain. Source from Britain is fortunate in possessing a remarkably varied geology within a relatively small area. The rocks that make up our islands represent a long and complicated history of events. They encompass most of the major periods of geological time and extremes of climate from desert to […]

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Visualizar mapas animados en el tiempo: Seguimiento de aves en CARTO [ENG]

SuperinteresantE demo para ‘jugar’con datos reales georeferenciados desde la aplicación CARTO. Tres aves migrando desde El Norte de Europa hasta el África subsahariana. Source: This guide describes how to visualize point data over time, by applying the ANIMATED aggregation style to animate your map. This feature requires a map layer containing point geometries with […]

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Entrevista en ‘Soy Data’

Me vinieron a entrevistar de  para hablar de temas relacionados con la Geovisualización como el Big Data o el Open Data y su implicación con el Control de Calidad o el Software libre. Gracias a Jorge Ubero de SoyData por la misma. Espero que os guste, ya sabéis que si tenéis algún comentario o algo […]

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Visualizing Tweets!

How about a quick visualization of tweets in CartoDB? Hey guys, the way we used to visualize is changing on a  daily basis so it’s time to catch up!!!. Let’s add a timestamp and play!! We will take a look at this dataset in depth shortly so be aware of our schedule! Regards, Alberto CONCEJAL […]

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Creating value through Open Data

The benefits of Open Data are diverse and range from improved efficiency of public administrations, economic growth in the private sector to wider social welfare (Source: Performance can be enhanced by Open Data and contribute to improving the efficiency of public services. Greater efficiency in processes and delivery of public services can be achieved thanks to […]

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