Visualising Wind from a GRIB Mesh Layer in QGIS and Create an Animated GIF

For a brief introduction into this new GRIB Mesh format (new to me) I followed step by step this tutorial bellow I had found in Hans Van der Kwast YouTube channel, it happened to be very good source and I finally made it (see below). The idea was analysing the winds during a Storm in the Netherlands (this storm was actually the 14th of March 2022 but I analyzed the 15th, no impact on the tutorial whatsoever but please note this point).

Old non internet times and a few different ways of visualizing wind in VENTUSKY application

Have you seen how this helps you to understand the way wind flows? (switching form different variables visualization styles)

Comparing France Meteo and Spain Meteo from the visualization point of view

After living in France for four years i have to tell i am always aware of Meteo information on TV (well, i live in Brittany, i guess this makes sense!). It was the same in Spain or anywhere else in the world where i had lived and the reason why is i have always lovedContinue reading “Comparing France Meteo and Spain Meteo from the visualization point of view”