Hipsters in USA. Sample over ALABAMA State

Isn’t it incredible? Mapping qualitative data, something as intangible as mapping a concept. For the first time, human behavior and personality in communities can be quantified using artificial intelligence.

Google Earth Engine y los incendios de verano: el caso de Cadalso de los Vidrios, Madrid (Julio 2019)

Gracias a la inestimable ayuda de mi compi de co-working Pablo Martín -ingeniero Forestal- con Google Earth Engine hemos modelado este NBR (Normalized Burn Ratio) que usa los canales NIR y SWIR de Sentinel-2 para medir la severidad del incendio de la semana pasada en mi pueblo, Cadalso de los Vidrios (Madrid, España). Rozamos la tragedia en lo personal pero sin duda fue terrible a nivel material. Tardaremos décadas en revertir este funesto incendio…

Euclidean allocation analysis II

Imagine you need to promote recycling. Imagine you have 1000 inhabitants from a small village and you need to provide proper colored plastic bags for each and every one of the categories you need to disaggregate: organic, plastic and paper. You need to service them all properly but you can only choose 5 shops (out of theContinue reading “Euclidean allocation analysis II”

Allocation analysis: Attaching customers to facilities

Allocates a set of demand points (Customers) to user specified number of supply points (Facilities) out of a Facilities point dataset based on the Euclidian distance between the Customers and Facilities.

Change detection – Detección de cambios en polígonos

THE IDEA: DEMONSTRATING HOW DYNAMIC A CITY IS, THUS HOW IMPORTANT IS HAVING AN UPDATED DATASET THE FACTS: THE CITY OF BOGOTÁ IN COLOMBIA 2012-2014 Overall growth rate: -0.12% ONLY HAVING INTO ACCOUNT THE DIFFERENCE OF BUILDINGS CAPTURED BETWEEN 2012 AND 2014 (We can do this because we have used the same data capture model in both years) (DeContinue reading “Change detection – Detección de cambios en polígonos”

Pearson correlation and GIS

Do these two variables have a correlation?. To answer this important question first of all we have to know that only if it’s a linear relationship and there are no outliers we can take advantage of Mr Pearson’s correlation statiscal tool. If i love chocolate, does this mean i have tendency of being chuby? orContinue reading “Pearson correlation and GIS”

Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Lidar and Landuse IGN Spain

A few more lines for leting you know again that i passed this other course just now in Instituto Geográfico of Spain (IGN). Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Lidar and Landuse, a comprehensive 40h update on relevant information i need tu use on a daily basis. This ‘update’ helps me to better understand what i am working with andContinue reading “Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Lidar and Landuse IGN Spain”

PISA report SPAIN 2012 by Comunidades Autónomas Trends North-South and West-East

I wanted to take advantage of the latest ‘advanced course on Statistical Analysis’ followed in the spanish IGN and show you how North-South and West-East trends impact on this report. As you can see, the higher the values, the most likely to be in the North and the East of the country. This doesn’t meanContinue reading “PISA report SPAIN 2012 by Comunidades Autónomas Trends North-South and West-East”

Analyse des emplacements réservés à la livraison sur voirie: NANTES

*Désole pour mon français, si vous voulez on peut parler en anglais ou espagnol. La première chose qu’il faut faire c’est télécharger le jeu de données au site: http://data.paysdelaloire.fr/donnees/ Thématique : Mobilité Le jeu propose la géo-localisation des emplacements réservés à la livraison sur voirie dans un secteur limité de la ville de Nantes. Ces aires permettentContinue reading “Analyse des emplacements réservés à la livraison sur voirie: NANTES”

Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique

C’est vraiment magnifique l’ouverture des données publiques… Je vais décrire mon itinéraire pour mieux comprendre: Télécharger des données (Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique) Telecharger DTM (SRTM v4) Faire Carte d’ombrage (ArcGIS), Orientations (ArcGIS) et Inclinations (ArcGIS) pour mieux comprendre l’emplacement des moulins Faire Carte de densité (en mesurent la puissance du parc) Et maintenant la carte de densité en Global Mapper…Continue reading “Projets éoliens en Loire-Atlantique”