Hipsters in USA. Sample over ALABAMA State

Isn’t it incredible? Mapping qualitative data, something as intangible as mapping a concept. For the first time, human behavior and personality in communities can be quantified using artificial intelligence. This dataset ranks the level of hipster activity by the block group level in the US.

Do you see the correspondance of this variable to the major transportation routes?

Do you see the correspondance of this variable to the major cities?. Is there any defined distribution pattern within the big urban areas (i.e Birmingham)?. Is there any correlation you can come across with?

For this purpose I had to download census boundaries from 2010 and crossed them with this ID i have got from Chad Gardner @cgard2991


Spatial.ai uses artificial intelligence to process over 4 billion social media data points, with approximately 140 million new data points added monthly. We filter and clean this data to identify predictive value and quantify the qualitative nature of communities. We then organize these filtered data into 100+ social segments. Finally, we deliver organized, usable segments scored on a global index to help you measure human behavior in any location. For this dataset we organized the filtered data into 100+ social segments scored on a global index.

We provide this sample data set to prospective customers and partners to demonstrate typical delivery format. This data can be made available in any format or level of geography including all of North America and most International locations.

Source: https://data.world/cgard2991/hipsters-in-usa/discuss/hipsters-in-usa/aidmfgy3

Geographer and GIS analyst


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