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Madrid 3D Virtual Scenario. Geovisualization live!


I used Skyline Software visualization engine to build this scenario. An orthoimage 0,5m resolution and a 30m resolution heights dataset. I found a few models on the internet (creative commons licesed, just for visualization purposes) I modelled a few of them by myself…and I placed them with Terra Explorer Pro.



I connected it to a Database via ARCDSE… Among all featured layers I could find underground stations, information signs,  districts, roads and so on…



After a few ‘fogs’ and ‘shadows’ properties this is what we had… You might use it as a ‘built-in’ scenario you share with your clients or whoever you want…maybe you can save a pre-saved sequence in you desired video format (AVI, MPEG, WMV,…) and if you want to go further, you can always edit it with any Video Editor (the one I prefer is Adobe Premiere in combination with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects–> you can notice I am in love with Adobe)… There are a lot of possibilities, even adding music that has something to do with your scenario… try it!.




Hope you liked it!

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Vídeos Geovisualización. Terrain View.


Los vídeos se pueden reproducir en la sección de ‘Vídeos realizados‘ en la parte derecha de la pantalla de tu ordenador.

Edición de Video. Visualización cartográfica.


Sketch-up google, edificios singulares. 3Ds, vrml, skp,…


Presa de El Atazar, Madrid

Iglesia de Cadalso de los Vidrios

Torreon de Villarejo de Salvanés