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Ayudar a los diferentes agentes a comprender las dinámicas de ubicación, ya sea combinar geometrías o datos demográficos de gente que trabaja o vive en el entorno, sus hábitos de vida o consumo, si hay algo en lo que te pueda ayudar, proyecto interesante en el que colaborar o cualquier cosa que pueda tener que ver con la Geovisualización, los GIS, la Geografía, la fotografía o simplemente para saludar, envía un correo a:

albertoconcejal -arroba-

Helping people and businesses better understand the dynamics of location like the demographics of the people that work and live in an area, their spending habits or other businesses that exist there… whatever!

I strive to deliver quality solutions and services to my customers. To help me serve you better I would like to hear from you. On the other hand, if there is anything  I could help you with, project to be involved in or any other thing that could have to do with Geovisualization, GIS, Geography, Photography or just to cheer up you can send me an email to:

albertoconcejal -at-


4 thoughts on “Contact/Ask for a quote

  1. Buscando información de Ghana, vine a caer en tus relatos de viaje. Felicidades (aunque ha de ser demasido común que recibas felicitaciones), las fotografías son bellísimas y expresivas.

    Me pregunto… ¿porque nada sobre América Latina?

  2. Hello,

    I am GIS service manager in the Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux (local governement), and we initiated the implementation of a 3D model of the agglomération.
    I find that 3D models of cities that you have made in ComputaMaps are very impressive, and I wanted to know if they were conducted by automated processes modeling and texturing or if they were done manually from Google SketchUp .
    Furthermore, how many weeks or months are needed to produce this type of result (number of buildings made by day or week for example)

    Thank you for your reply

    Best regards


  3. Hello,

    First of all thank you very much for contacting me, I am glad for your words. Those models I included inside those scenarios were not created using sketchup, they use their own software. I was just delivered the proper files in the proper 3D format and i used them and prepare those virtual flights and edited them and added some action and music…

    Once you find the best way to get those 3d files you just have to export them into DAE or KML or any other 3D format.

    When its about modelling buildings you can perfectly use sketcup and its totally up to you how quick you perform them… it depends on exactly what you want… more or less detail, complexity and so on…

    Hopefully I explained it well,
    You can always contact me back here or in my email,


  4. Hola Alberto, eres español? llegue a tu sitio por casualidad estoy investigando en el tema de Geovisualizacion, quisiera poder chatear contigo o hablar

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