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Euclidean allocation analysis II


Imagine you need to promote recycling. Imagine you have 1000 inhabitants from a small village and you need to provide proper colored plastic bags for each and every one of the categories you need to disaggregate: organic, plastic and paper.

You need to service them all properly but you can only choose 5 shops (out of the 10 available)  where you will distribute the bags for free.

In green all 1000 inhabitants (houses) and in orange the placement of all ten shops.


In green the final result: the 5 shops chosen out of the 10 potential available due to having checked they are the most optimal (the shortest euclidean distance).


Software used:

ArcGIS 10.3
ET Geowizards 11.3

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Allocation analysis: Attaching customers to facilities


Allocates a set of demand points (Customers) to user specified number of supply points (Facilities) out of a Facilities point dataset based on the Euclidian distance between the Customers and Facilities.


100 customers anywhere in the World

In other words the function selects N Facilities out of K candidates to service a set of M Customer locations in such a way that each Customer is allocated to a single Facility (based on Euclidean distance) and the total distance between the Customers and selected Facilities is minimized.


Customers attached to 3 pre-defined facilities

In a more simple way: take a bunch of customers and assign them the closest facility (using euclidean distance, the “ordinary” (i.e. straight-line) distance between two points)). In this particular theoretical analysis I have also selected a maximum range of 5000 meters so anything beyond won’t be taken into consideration.

Questions:  Am i giving a proper service with those facilities i have already deployed?. Is there any of them way too far away so we cannot service at all?. Is there any of them over populated and in the end we cannot provide a proper service?. If you happen to come across any other question, please add it to comments so i can modify the post.

Result table:

FID Shape Id FacilityID Facility Type Num_Alloc Max_Dist Total_Dist
0 Point 0 2 2 Selected 4 4852.68 15362.93
1 Point 0 1 1 Selected 11 4110.57 37839.93
2 Point 0 0 0 Selected 18 4991.27 73591.27

This ArcGIS video shows some light over these type of analysis:

This links shows how to create a network dataset


Software used: ArcGIS 10.3; ET Geowizards 11.1

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