LATAM tour on Smart Cities

Just come back from Chile, Peru and Colombia, where my employer held some conferences on Smart Cities. I had the chance to talk in both venues: GIS expertise, geoprocessing, spatial analysis, etc. This is all about GIS, as always lately ūüėČ Our Smart City conferences and workshops held this month have been a great success!Continue reading “LATAM tour on Smart Cities”

Change detection – Detecci√≥n de cambios en pol√≠gonos

THE IDEA:¬†DEMONSTRATING HOW DYNAMIC A CITY IS, THUS HOW IMPORTANT IS HAVING AN UPDATED DATASET THE FACTS:¬†THE CITY OF BOGOT√Ā IN COLOMBIA¬†2012-2014 Overall growth rate: -0.12% ONLY HAVING INTO ACCOUNT THE DIFFERENCE OF BUILDINGS CAPTURED BETWEEN 2012 AND 2014 (We¬†can do this because we have used the same data capture model in both years) (DeContinue reading “Change detection – Detecci√≥n de cambios en pol√≠gonos”

Coverage map video over Bogot√°, Colombia

A few months ago i prepared some scenarios over the city of Bogot√°. Hope you guys like it.