500 entrenos, checked!

Hoy es un día importante para mí, desde que comencé a correr el 14 de agosto de 2014 he llegado hoy hasta los 5,500km (más exactamente 5,499km) o lo que es lo mismo, antes de fin de año, si no hay más sorpresas (ya han sido suficientes este año) estaré llegando a Teherán, la capital de Irán.

Pearson correlation and GIS

Do these two variables have a correlation?. To answer this important question first of all we have to know that only if it’s a linear relationship and there are no outliers we can take advantage of Mr Pearson’s correlation statiscal tool. If i love chocolate, does this mean i have tendency of being chuby? orContinue reading “Pearson correlation and GIS”

Advanced Thematic Cartography IGN Spain

A few lines for leting you know i passed this course last year 2013 in Instituto Geográfico of Spain (IGN). Spatial analysis, Spatial stats, proper simbolization, data mining and geovisualization. A very interesting 40h online course that helps me on a daily basis to be able to show geodata in a more professional way. BecauseContinue reading “Advanced Thematic Cartography IGN Spain”