Measuring snow coverage using EOB – Earth Observation – Sentinel HUB

Playing with Sentinel 2 images I realized that the amount of snow this year has been very low compared to last winter. Here are a couple of images from January 2022 and 2023 of the Canfranc – Paticosa – Jaca area. One of the most interesting things about this EO browser is that in addition to a standard 2D visualisation, we can visualise in 3D. Here is an video example. Another interesting thing is to be able to quantify the snowfall. There is a snow classifier based on NSDI (Normalized Difference Snow Index, The Normalized Difference Snow Index (NDSI) snow cover is an index that is related to the presence of snow in a pixel and is a more accurate description of snow detection as compared to Fractional Snow Cover (FSC).

Faible taux d’humidité au Pays Basque. Sérieux ?

Quand vous venez passer le week-end dans un village du Pays Basque et que vous voyez cette image verte ci-dessous, vous vous dites, ho-ho, ici ils n’ont pas eu les problèmes de chaleur et de manque de pluie que nous avons subis dans le centre et le sud de la péninsule. Mais tout à coup, ils vous disent que oui, ils ont aussi souffert et qu’il est impossible qu’ils aient atteint les niveaux d’humidité des autres années…

Tracking fires LIVE: Boiro (A Coruña, Spain)

We can track this up as we speak. We can measure burn areas on a regular basis, creating videos, capture images, creating indexes, histograms, etc. Everything for better understanding what is going on and maybe, why not, avoiding it in te future. If you would like more information, dont hesitate to contact us.