Running in Madrid. A GIS approach!

these density maps performed in Global Mapper overlay the geometry lines saved out my running application (Garmin Connect). and once they are exported to points, i can generate a density map, chosing an easy to understand legend and i overlay to Google Earth so its also easy to be sent if needed be (why for? i don’t know!).

LIDAR Madrid LAZ 20cm

Ya van varias veces en el último mes que alguien no especialista en temas geográficos-cartográficos me habla de ‘ese sistema’ de láser para saber ‘la altura del terreno’ y es que la verdad es que LIDAR parece magia. Es bastante increible que pase un avión con una tecnología invisible a ojos humanos y que seContinue reading “LIDAR Madrid LAZ 20cm”

Talking in public

I guess i was nervous the very first time and i even remember noticing how my voice was trembling to the bones (if i can say) back in year 2000  but now things are different. When you know what you are talking about and you are serious (well, all you can be!) then there’s no needContinue reading “Talking in public”

LATAM tour on Smart Cities

Just come back from Chile, Peru and Colombia, where my employer held some conferences on Smart Cities. I had the chance to talk in both venues: GIS expertise, geoprocessing, spatial analysis, etc. This is all about GIS, as always lately 😉 Our Smart City conferences and workshops held this month have been a great success!Continue reading “LATAM tour on Smart Cities”

BGS Geology of Britain: Geovisualization 100%

Oh! a must see: BGS Geology of Britain. Source from Britain is fortunate in possessing a remarkably varied geology within a relatively small area. The rocks that make up our islands represent a long and complicated history of events. They encompass most of the major periods of geological time and extremes of climate from desert toContinue reading “BGS Geology of Britain: Geovisualization 100%”

Análisis espacial de precios en el mercado inmobiliario (Ejemplo sobre Vicálvaro, Madrid)

Análisis espacial de precios en el mercado inmobiliario

Visualizar mapas animados en el tiempo: Seguimiento de aves en CARTO [ENG]

SuperinteresantE demo para ‘jugar’con datos reales georeferenciados desde la aplicación CARTO. Tres aves migrando desde El Norte de Europa hasta el África subsahariana. Source: This guide describes how to visualize point data over time, by applying the ANIMATED aggregation style to animate your map. This feature requires a map layer containing point geometries withContinue reading “Visualizar mapas animados en el tiempo: Seguimiento de aves en CARTO [ENG]”

Homicidio doloso en Ciudad de México 2013-2015

Recibí este link por Facebook hace un rato (Gracias Paco!)… y me dediqué unos minutos a analizar un hecho puntual, el homicidio doloso, en un periodo concreto de tiempo, de 2013 a 2015. Veamos la previsualización de todos los homicidios ocurridos en 2013 en CARTO. El autor de la página llamada CRIMEN POR TUContinue reading “Homicidio doloso en Ciudad de México 2013-2015”

Euclidean allocation analysis II

Imagine you need to promote recycling. Imagine you have 1000 inhabitants from a small village and you need to provide proper colored plastic bags for each and every one of the categories you need to disaggregate: organic, plastic and paper. You need to service them all properly but you can only choose 5 shops (out of theContinue reading “Euclidean allocation analysis II”

Creating value through Open Data

The benefits of Open Data are diverse and range from improved efficiency of public administrations, economic growth in the private sector to wider social welfare (Source: Performance can be enhanced by Open Data and contribute to improving the efficiency of public services. Greater efficiency in processes and delivery of public services can be achieved thanks toContinue reading “Creating value through Open Data”