Cool data. What is this?

What is this ‘cool data‘ all about?. When i got my degree in Geography (about 15 years ago) it didn’t make sense at all being interested in something like graphic design, photography, video and all this stuff… but not only interested in my leisure time but also for taking advantage of it, getting a lifeContinue reading “Cool data. What is this?”

More of my 3D video edited scenarios.

Please, dont forget to turn on your speakers. Even if i first used a different score and Youtube’s elfs told me not to use it (because of copyright authoring) I have chosen this music from their stuff and this is what I finally got… Hope you like it. Alberto BA Geography MSc GIS and RemoteContinue reading “More of my 3D video edited scenarios.”

Map Services. Life and death of GEOAIM.

We started thinking  about this project on March 2007 after myself and two of my Master’s colleagues noticed we had three different profiles we could combine and build a GIS company… This way GEOAIM gave birth. A BA Biologist, a BA Environmentalist and a BA Geographer, three GIS and Remote Sensing Master’s degrees (MSc) a Multimedia designer, contactsContinue reading “Map Services. Life and death of GEOAIM.”

Estandarización de especificaciones, ofertas, etc…

Standardizing commercial offers, technical specification sheets, adapting company’s offers and specifications ‘in a while’ and new (graphic) workflows 1 SIZES 1.1. size of screenshots 1.2. size of intro pictures/ banners* 1.3. size of background image 1.4. size of Computamaps header 2 FONTS 3 ADDING NEW STUFF 3.1 Adding personalized covers by theme (x10) *1 3.2Continue reading “Estandarización de especificaciones, ofertas, etc…”