Geovisualization, 3D models and more!

Here you will be able to see some of my latest 3D stuff… A compilation of 3D models, flythroughs and graphic resuorces available… All you need regarding 3D scenarios (heights datasets, satellite imagery and 3D models) and Video Edition… Are you guys thinking about doing something like this?. Please contact me.

Alberto Concejal
BA Geography
MSc GIS and Remote Sensing
GIS Technician
albertoconcejal -at


2 thoughts on “Geovisualization, 3D models and more!

  1. Hola!!
    Me gustaria aprender de esta aplicacion ya que deseo enfocarme al diseño y tratamiento de imagenes en 3D para poder manipularlas y con su ayuda esto podra ser mas sencillo.

    I would like to learn from this application because I want to focus the design and 3D image processing to handle and with your help it may be easier.

  2. Hithere, I have used Google Skechup to build my 3D models, Photoshop to create a few graphic resources and the simplest video editor ever: Windows Movie Maker… Being able to have a decent workflow in Sketchup is terrible easy… Combine it with recording animations, edit it, add an interesting background music and voilá!!!!. If you have any doubt, please dont hesitate contacting me again!

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