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Fichier consolidé des Bornes de Recharge pour Véhicules Électriques (IRVE). Visualization en CARTO


Ce fichier est une version consolidée des sources suivantes: Stations Tesla, Bornes de la Métropole de Rennes, Bornes dans les Concessions Renault, Bornes Autolib’, Plus de Bornes, opérateur en Provence, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, Magasins E.Leclerc


Données ajoutée en décembre 2014: Vincipark/Sodetrel, Grand Lyon, Morbihan Energies

Données ajoutées en octobre 2015: Magasins AUCHAN, Concessions NISSAN, Réseau ALTERBASE, SyDEV, Freshmile, EFFIA

Données ajoutées en mai 2016: SDE18, SDE24, SDE28, SDE32, MOVeasy, Seine Aval, SIEML, SDESM, Vienne

Elle sert de support à la carte disponible sur

La structure du fichier consolidé reprends celle disponible sur avec l’ajout d’une colonne indiquant l’origine des données



ViewTec’s State-of-the-art 3D visualization


Good news!!!! They’ve probably released this Geovisualization Engine long time ago (It used to be an ‘in-house’ software) but I have just realized. I worked with this state-of-the-art TerrainView 3D software for six months while I was working as a GIS Specialist in Cape Town (South Africa)… What does this software has that no one of other softwares I know have????. Rain, snow, clouds, wind… Athmosferic conditions!!!!  A very reliable package… I have just uploaded a video rendered directly from a pre-recorded flight path… I will try to make my own while I work with this personal license key they have provided me for one month… Here it is!!. Hope you like it mates!.


ViewTec provides state-of-the-art interactive 3D visualization products andreal-time 3D Earth GIS.


TerrainView™ is the free entry visualization product of ViewTec. TerrainView™ is an easy to use viewing tool and 3d editor capable of displaying the most popular 3d formats. It offers walk-through capabilities in real-time.TerrainView Extensions

Upgrade the free TerrainView product online to the different professional extensions:


TerrainView-Globe™ extends TerrainView with unlimited GIS, multilayered elevation and image data import based on Earth and offers ultra-fast and high resolution rendering for GIS and simulation users.


The extension TerrainView-Remote Control™ offers an API to remotely manipulate points of interest and 3D objects of a 3D scene in real-time.


The extension TerrainView-CMAX™ consists in a high-end system for seamless multi-channel, multi-projections and visualizations on multiple screens and walls.


TerrainView-Video™ is the extension to produce videos in a resolution higher than 640×480 e.g. PAL, NTSC and HDTV.