Solar Radiation Analysis test over Madrid using Open Data

Incoming solar radiation (insolation) received from the sun is the primary energy source that drives many of the earth’s physical and biological processes. Understanding its importance to landscape scales is key to understanding a broad range of natural processes and human activities. Taking advantage of official Open Data sources (Cadastre footprints and CNIG mainly) IContinue reading “Solar Radiation Analysis test over Madrid using Open Data”

LIDAR Madrid LAZ 20cm

Ya van varias veces en el último mes que alguien no especialista en temas geográficos-cartográficos me habla de ‘ese sistema’ de láser para saber ‘la altura del terreno’ y es que la verdad es que LIDAR parece magia. Es bastante increible que pase un avión con una tecnología invisible a ojos humanos y que seContinue reading “LIDAR Madrid LAZ 20cm”

Taxing the sun?. Yes, in Spain this seems to be possible.

Absolutely ashamed by my government’s insane policies on this regards, Spain is now (…) attempting to scale back the use of solar panels – the use of which they have encouraged and subsidized over the last decade – by imposing a tax on those who use the panels. The intention is clearly to scare taxpayersContinue reading “Taxing the sun?. Yes, in Spain this seems to be possible.”