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Taxing the sun?. Yes, in Spain this seems to be possible.


Absolutely ashamed by my government’s insane policies on this regards, Spain is now (…) attempting to scale back the use of solar panels – the use of which they have encouraged and subsidized over the last decade – by imposing a tax on those who use the panels. The intention is clearly to scare taxpayers into connecting to the grid in order to be taxed. The tax, however, will make it economically unfeasible for residents to produce their own energy: it will be cheaper to keep buying energy from current providers. And that is exactly the point. (…)



While we see anywhere else in the world this is being encouraged we don’t, we do exactly the opposite… but if you wonder why this could happen in a allegedly developed country like mine i herewith let you know the reason why… not to compete with other energies or more exactly other big companies providing that energy. A shame or even more than that, a fu***** shame.

So you encourage sustainability and now you discourage it?. In a country like Spain with such an incredible unemployment rate, which slowly reduces this figures at the expense of lower wages, winning competitiveness but losing anywhere else!!! (Mostly if we have cities with +3000 hours of sunshine a year!)

Anyway, trying not to get too upset after writing this words and also trying to make this makes sense in a GIS blog i will try to show you how Lon Angeles county in the US is encouraging the installation of solar panels, ranking all 2010 parcels according to wattHours per square meter. Isn’t it a politically and technically state of the art approach? Yes in my opinion it is, indeed.



Important Note.  The shapefile includes 4 fields that are summaries of the solar potential:

  1. Rank 1 – Square feet of roof receiving excellent solar input (> 1.4 million wattHours per square meter)
  2. Rank 2 – square feet of roof receiving good solar input (1.15 – 1.4 million wH/meter squared)
  3. Rank 3 – square feet of roof receiving poor solar input (950,000 – 1.15 million wH/meter squared)
  4. Rank 4 – square feet of roof receiving negligible solar input (< 950,000 million wH/meter squared)

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Kind Regards,

Alberto C.L.
MSc GIS and worried about “government insanity”.

On va nous déménager alors… Analyse solaire !


Ma copine et moi on va nous déménager très bientôt alors il faut faire unE analyse solaire. Nantes, la ville ou on habite est connue dans le monde entier pour ses niveaux de pluie, n’importe que CE soit été, printemps… meme si France Météo a dit qu’il va faire BEAU… A Nantes ça ne marche pas comme ça. Il faut maximiser l’exposition pour garantir un montant minimum de lumière du soleil pendant l’année mais… comment faire?.

En rouge chez nous… on a pas encore trouvé notre nouvel appartement alors je vais faire l’analyse ici…


J’utilise Sketch-up pour modeler en 3D le bâtiment et Sun tools developé par Guedi Capeluto (Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Technion Israel Institute of Technology).

On peut voir quel parcour et a quel heure le soleil passe par là.  Chaque mois un peu plus haute (month 1, month 2, month 3…)


C’est très facile a comprendre et va beaucoup nous aider a trouver le trésor le plus important dans cette partie de la France: le SOLEIL !!!!!

Plug-in Features:

  • SunPATH: visualization (month and year)
  • SunPOS: Sun Position for a date and time
  • SunVIEW: Axonometric views from the Sun
  • SunPENETRATION: Analyze Sun Penetration/Access in any specific analysis point.

J’espère que ça vous plait.


P.S. Ouais, je sais, mon français c’est pas parfait mais j’essaie alors vous pouvez m’envoyer vôtres doutes en anglais et espagnol sans problème;-)