News: Capaware, an opensource 3D geographical Multilayer Framework… First steps…

I discovered this project a few months ago and I’ve been following them very close. It’s always very interesting for freelancers and self taught professionals having an opensource 3D framework to start building your own scenaries not needing to pay a big amount of money for a license… I will do my best to upload here my own projects but let me post you this as a starter… Welcome Capaware!!.


Capaware! is a framework for developing 3D multilayer geographical worlds.So powerful as it allows execution of applications directly over it, offers a wide range of applications. To have a quick composition of the stage,nothing better than working directly in three dimensions.

Capaware! allows viewing of large tracts of land with the minimum amount of information necessary to show it. Those parties that are not visible are not processed, so that the processor loads the minimum memory needed at all times.

Capaware!, which is developed in C++, allows connection to external servers using OGC protocol to obtain data. We can also configure and manage the resource layers and elements that can be displayed on the ground. Capaware! integrates within GPL free software components for its implementation. Specifically these components are:

  •  OpenScenegraph
  •  WxWidgets
  •  Curl
  • Boost


Capaware es un software libre, orientado al desarrollo de aplicaciones geográficas multicapa con visualización tridimensional, desarrollado a medias entre la Universidad de Las Palmas y el Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias. Funciona tanto como SDK para desarrolladores, como también una aplicación individual para visualizar información geográfica, conectando a servidores que cumplan los estándares OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), y que permite insertar elementos 3D sobre el terreno, compartidos por múltiples usuarios.

Está dirigido tanto a profesionales que necesiten visualizar información geográfica de forma realista, como a desarrolladores que quieran implementar cualquier aplicación gráfica con especial énfasis en la navegación de terrenos (por poner un ejemplo, desde un SIG 3D hasta un videojuego).


One thought on “News: Capaware, an opensource 3D geographical Multilayer Framework… First steps…

  1. man 3d is taking off. they currently have touchable 3d and they are coming out with 3d displays that you dont require glasses for. insane stuff. i still feel its a little bit of a gimmick however.

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