Visualizar mapas animados en el tiempo: Seguimiento de aves en CARTO [ENG]

SuperinteresantE demo para ‘jugar’con datos reales georeferenciados desde la aplicación CARTO. Tres aves migrando desde El Norte de Europa hasta el África subsahariana.


bird-tracking-20170123.pngThis guide describes how to visualize point data over time, by applying the ANIMATED aggregation style to animate your map. This feature requires a map layer containing point geometries with a timestamp, or numeric field.

  1. Select the bird_trackinglayer
  2. Click STYLE to apply styling options for the map layer
  3. Choose ANIMATED as the aggregation option
  4. Ensure the column time_date is selected

To gain better understanding from our bird tracking data, color the paths of each of the three birds separately, by using the bird_name column to style the points by value.

After animating your data, click the FILL color and select BY VALUE. Choose the column bird_name to style your markers by the birds’ names. Edit the stroke to 0, change the blending to source-over, and set the resolution to 1.


You  can download the datasource here: bird_tracking

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