I can repeat this story by heart (The Warrior’s prayer, by Manowar) so I guess I am supposed to have certain English Level ;-)

Long story short, I learned this song when I was about 18 yo, meaning 30 years ago. Little by little I managed to be able to tell it out loud (when I was walking all alone or with my kids these last years). Even it popped up during a job interview, twenty years ago or so, the person interviewing me asked me about my music tastes and I answered Manowar among others (yes!), suddenly both of us finished telling (or singing) this story together. Granfather? Tell me a story, oh, all right, go and get your story book… I finally got that job. One of the songs of my life.

You can activate subtitles in Youtube.

GIS analyst and (ancient and actual) Manowar fan


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