Visualizing Telco datasets using SpaceEyes 3D

Hi again,

I have started using this visualization engine to overlay standard ortho imagery, DTM datasets and telecomunication specific datasets… All i can say so far is that it works pretty well!!!. Being able to understand the scope of land use dataset while we swipe different types of images… it works!!


In this particular case a land use classes menu was added so we can easily identify every one of the different types of coverages at the same time we visualize the background we have used to extract that information.

Please don’t hesitate to make questions about it,



6 thoughts on “Visualizing Telco datasets using SpaceEyes 3D

  1. Hi! I am sorry i am writing in here, but i can not find any contact informations to you. I am a student and i am very very new in 3D modeling field. It would be great if i could ask you some questions. I would be very grateful for your answers. But in other way I understand If you dont want to 😉
    ps: sorry for my english, it is not my major language.

    Greetings from Poland
    Sylwia S.

  2. Hi sylwia, your english is perfect, i can tell you. Please dont hesitate to ask whatever you need and i will do my best to answer you back properly.

  3. Ok, so I was reading about GIS and CAD apps for urban visualisation. I am writing about 3D Technologies of visualisations and analysis for city management. Maybe is stupid question, but can you tell me is SketchUp CAD application? I have no idea how to classify it.

  4. I would say its a CAD aplication as it can import/export vector files and modify them… can interact with some other GIS softwares as ARC GIS… I would say its a 3D CAD… more 3D than CAD thou:-) i wouldn’t use it for feature extraction on 2D but yes i would use it for 3D modelling LOD1 (less detailed) and LOD2 (more detailed, architectural). Hope this helps:-)

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